On Dreams

Hold in your mind the future you desire.   Dare to long for beauty.  See summer’s sun rising from midwinter’s window, though snow lies in thick heaps all around.  With numb hands, reach towards the fire of your passion:  it lies within.  Feel now in your heart the flickering heat of days to come, see the vibrant sunrise of the potential dawn waiting in the muted evening of your routine.  Even now you hold in your hand the answer you seek.  You must see it and believe it is real.

The mountain rises before you, windswept and pristine, though you will imprint your own steps into its sugar snows in the days to come.  Your small, weary footprints, insignificant against the greater grandeur around you, even now leave a trail behind which will lead you forward to the very summit.  Believe it:  you will place your boots upon its crest and survey the peaks wreathed in cloud like white laurel.   It is in you to accomplish your purpose.  And thereafter:  a swift descent into more dreaming.

Dream with all ambition.  Penetrate the mundane fog, grasp the fragments of light and assemble them into a vision of days to come.  Recognize disorientation for what it is:  you are learning, this is new, and it will pass.   Strange landscapes become familiar, mysteries become part of your known world.  Rough edges smooth out, weak muscles harden with use.   Pursue strength and strength will come to you.

In this quotidian moment, this ordinary hour, lies the raw stuff of dreams, of golden suns yet to shine upon your face.  You are the one who must see it for what it can be.

Wrestle with the angel and the blessing will come.   Dark is the long night that awaits bright dawn with all her myriad possibilities.    Open eyes wide in the morning, even now breathe the deep breaths of resolution.  What is the desire of your heart?  You are your own companion on this journey.   It is for you alone to discover what lies at the waking end of dreaming.

Even now, dream well.



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